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It's Best To Wash Your Glasses With Laundry, Not With Water
Jun 20, 2017

The best use of washing powder washing glasses cloth, do not use water. Water soluble detergent (preferably warm), then soak the glasses cloth in 15 minutes, then wash. Glasses cloth material is also very important every time you clean your glasses and rinse the best glasses. Keep your glasses clean, and you can use ultrasonic cleaning to go to the store. If not convenient, you can use detergent to clean glasses, but try not to wipe glasses.

1, prolong the service life of the lens.

2, to prevent the traditional clean cloth wipe lens drop, save water phenomenon.

3, completely remove the remaining stubborn stains on the lens to make the clear picture.

4, disposable lens clean, fast and convenient.

5, clear lens bacteria to achieve disinfection function.

6, clean all types of materials, such as glass, resin lenses, glass mirrors, mirrors and other surfaces, remove stains, absorb grease.

7, the package glasses can play a buffering effect, prevent collisions or abrasions damage sharp objects.

8th, the hygroscopic frame is connected to keep dry.


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