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How To Choose The Wiping Cloth Correctly
Jun 20, 2017

1 figure out the requirements of clear objects and cleanliness.

The so-called clean object, need to determine what we mainly clear? Is the general grease handprint, or some residual gum? Or is it generally easy to clear the dust? Is there a high temperature on the clean surface? What is the surface hardness of the clean? Is there a requirement to avoid scratching? How high is the cleanliness required? Is there a requirement for organic silicone contaminants? Is it sensitive to contaminated ions?

2, determine compatibility with the solvent used

We all know that the dust-free wipe materials are polymer materials, and we in the process of cleaning, we have to use organic solvents to clean, but there is a problem we must pay attention to, that is, how much of our wiping cloth to endure our organic solvents? How much of the solubility of our wiping material itself in solvents? This is the polymer material solubility parameters of the problem, it is suggested that in a better cleaning cloth, first check the solubility parameters, wipe the solubility parameters and solvent solubility parameters closer, then the more easily the wipe cloth solvent dissolved! This is a problem we don't want to see.

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