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Glasses Cloth Can Prolong The Service Life Of The Lens
Jun 20, 2017

What is the function of glasses cloth?

1, glasses cloth can prolong the service life of the lens.

2, prevent the traditional cleaning cloth wipe the lens and cause the hair crumbs, leaving water traces phenomenon.

3, completely remove the residual stubborn stains on the lens, make the picture clear.

4, disposable wipe lenses clean, fast and convenient.

5, remove the bacteria above the lens, so as to achieve disinfection function.

6, clean all kinds of glass, resin and other materials glasses, glass mirrors and other mirror surface, remove stains, absorb grease.

7, the package glasses can play a buffering effect, effectively prevent collisions or sharp hard things damage.

8. Absorb the moisture of the frame, keep dry.

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