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Cleaning Cloth Daily Management Precautions
Jun 20, 2017

At this stage can find 10 of people inside, more than half of the friends are wearing glasses, after all, in this modern era, wiping cloth our lives flooded with computers, television and a wide range of electronic products. Radiation to everyone's eyes hurt very large, resulting in more and more people's eyes myopia, flash and other problems.

Eyes after myopia is nothing more than wearing contact lenses or frame glasses, and glasses wiping cloth is the best frame glasses collocation, wiping cloth on the market of glasses wipe cloth manufacturer's offer is different, because the use of raw materials and production and processing technology, resulting in different product quality.

In addition to the selection of raw materials and production and processing technology, wiping cloth must strengthen management and storage of the above measures, wiping cloth so as to ensure that the quality of the cloth will not be discounted. We can find that because of irregular management, it is easy to make this fiber cloth moldy or damp and other problems, which will affect corporate earnings at the same time, leading to enterprise product reputation and corporate image also greatly reduced.

First of all, to ensure that the cloth storage has a larger warehouse, if the stock is small, it is easy to let the fabric of the other party confusion, can not be categorized. To know that the size of the cloth, color and fiber cloth, and other differences, all need to be separated and stored.

Second, wipe cloth focus on the inventory environment must maintain good ventilation, otherwise stored for a long time, will appear moldy phenomenon, especially for cotton fabric, once damp will appear spots, and the fastness of cloth is also directly reduced, conveniently can be this kind of cloth torn, this time and directly scrapped no difference.

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