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What is multi-color silica gel products
Jan 12, 2018

Double color silicone products is refers to two kinds of color of a product, a product of two or three kinds of color is the high temperature silicone molding, this call multi-color molding, multi-color molding USES more or silicone mobile phone sets and some silicone gift.
The polychrome silicone product is not only a simple solid sulfurization, but a combination of adhesive and solid sulfide.

First the glue makes some small parts, then forms into a large silicone product, forming a perfect whole.
Such operations than monochrome silicone products, process, is not very easy to operate, so from labor costs, to a much higher, but the appearance is very beautiful, even a simple logo will appear very high-grade, and permanent won't fade, will not deformation, so the multicolor silicone products will become the bellwether industry development.

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