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What is a silicone face brush?
Jan 11, 2018

Silicone wash a face to brush is also called the baby bath brush, children to wash brush, cosmetic brush surface, by the silica gel products factory production of silicone wash a face to brush, mainly used in baby shampoo or adult, wash your face with ms products at the bottom of the suction cups, very convenient to absorb on the surface of the table or the mirror that is flat and level.
On the surface of the brush is some very fine, massage spot, small small needle material is quite soft, 50 * 65 mm in diameter, the entire product height 28 mm (3 mm high, the product thickness 2 mm) needle diameter of 0.6 mm, products containing yo 8 g, product color can be according to the customer provide the sample or color number we chase Pandora color.
High quality, safe and environment-friendly, Japan imported 100% food grade silica gel as raw material, high transparency, strong tear resistance, resistance to aging and adhesion;
It has the function of massage skin care, can effectively remove the baby's head scale, it is the best choice product that infantile bath wash hair.

Nano - antibacterial silicone bath brush, products comply with FDA and eu health standards;
Super soft silicone material production, different massage point design can better and more effective massage skin and cutin.
First, wet head or the skin with water, apply a suitable amount of shower gel or shampoo with this product, gently knead, will have the effect of massage skin, promote baby skin metabolism, promote intellectual development.
Rinse with water and place in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes. Keep in a cool place.
Widely used, ideal for the use of baby natatorium, kindergarten, mother and baby shop, early education and SPA.
It is also suitable for adults to wash their face, beauty and facial cleanser, exfoliate, whiten skin, and often use to make the skin more elastic and firm, and promote blood circulation.

At present, the silica gel face brush has initially opened the market, and we will work hard on whether this product can go better.
In silicone products factory, mainly selling quantities, above the market there are too many models and types, but the play is more suitable for the baby shower, washing a face than electric wash a face to brush, manual massage effect is more, to experience the feeling of massage.
About the packing of the products, this product has the absolute advantage well packaging, just in the design of packaging is further, mainly adopts blister + card design, fashionable appearance, very suitable as a gift sales.

Silicone bath brush also has a lot of kinds and styles, but as a silica gel in the promotion of a product, the silica gel products factory will continue to do a good job in the quality of the product, try to bring the experience of consumer satisfaction.

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