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What are the advantages of silicone products
Jan 11, 2018

Silica gel products are made of silica gel as the main raw materials, are called silica gel products.
According to the processing technology, it can be divided into: moulded silica gel products, liquid silica gel products, extruded silica gel products and special silica gel products.
Silica gel is a kind of drying agent, and it has a strong adsorption. It is a natural environmental protection material.
From European countries.

Silicone products with superior performance, silicone products can be used according to the situation of different choice of different materials processing, such as need do conductive silicone written, then add graphite conductive ions, such as in silica gel to produce a written with conductive function.
In addition to the conductive function, and high temperature resistant, easy cleaning, long service life, soft and comfortable, color variety, environmental non-toxic, electric insulation performance, low temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and radiation resistance, etc.
And it is a kind of non-oil products, do not rely on increasingly shortage of petroleum resources, make the silicone products has been a substitute for the similar plastic products, is the trend of The Times, the silicone products can be applied to many plastic products at the same time can't accomplish the purpose of the field, such as baby pacifier, with organs, is very wide application prospect.

Currently, silica gel products have been fighting in the medical field, and many medical grade silicone products have flooded into the market.

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