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What about two colors on a silicone product
Jan 12, 2018

Recently on the net saw a netizen to ask "a silicone product with two colors to do?"
This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you're going to do it, you have to start with technical expertise.

, of course, for the silicone products manufacturer can do so, this problem becomes not so difficult, if only some of the technology is strong enough or not enough experienced silicone products manufacturer, the problem is very big, and they have not seen such a production process, as by the silica gel products factory below small make up for you to solve this 2 color is how to do it.

From a net friend asked this question, we can see, he is to want to do a double color of silicone products, but as to what product, we can not discuss, only for double color issues.
For the silicone products, such as early as a few years of money can be produced, only few manufacturer can do such a product, before do the remote control button, the button embedded in the color KEY is also used this way.
In many friends do trade, the double color is called color matching silica gel products, is the most common in some gifts, and need 2 sets of mould manufacturing a product, rather than a set of mould, a much higher difficulty, the cost of production will increase a lot.
But different products are different in production.

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