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Use of silica gel tubes
Jun 20, 2017

Silica Gel tube is: environmental pollution-free, by SGS rigorous testing, through the RoHS, PAHs and eight heavy metals, such as standard silicone products 100% completely non-toxic, tasteless: fine silica gel wire, silicone tube (article), high-pressure silicone tube, gear-shaped silicone tube, sealing tape, profiled bar, food-grade (non-toxic) silicone tube (article), medical silicone tube, medical silicone tube, braided silicone tube (for the transmission of work pressure, liquid food, medicine and biological products. ), medical silicone tube joints, silicone sealing tubes, flame-retardant pipe (article), Silicone foam tube (article), high-temperature silicone tube; Performance: cold resistance and high temperature. Harmless non-toxic tasteless; Applicable to: Small household appliances (coffee pot, open kettle, hot bucket, rice cooker, frying pan, disinfection cabinet drinking fountains, fruit pulp machine, bread machine, fuel, water heaters, etc.) and electronic, automotive, medical and other mechanical products supporting.

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