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Silicone rubber products are widely used
Jan 12, 2018

Silicone rubber products has a very wide range of applications, commonly used in daily necessities of life, industrial accessories and cases of electronic equipment, mobile phone cases, PSP, digital camera cases, GPS common personal consumer electronics products such cases;

Material is qualitative soft, silicone rubber products production out of the case and other products have very good elasticity, can effectively protect the electronic digital devices, depending on the degree of thickness of the silicone set, have a certain buffer effect, if the thickness of enough, plus reasonable structure design, can make a protected products have fall prevention function, according to the test, normal use condition, such as accidentally fell to the ground, which can effectively avoid the machine with the ground collision damage and scratch.

In addition to the production of silica gel sets, silicone rubber products can also production of daily necessities of life, such as silica gel coat hanger, is mainly used to protect hangers in use process is affected by the wear and tear on the clothes after.
At present, the application of silicone rubber products has been very extensive, involving all aspects of our lives, and will be more effective in the near future.

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