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Silicon film Dispel Scar
Jun 20, 2017

When used, the silicon film needs to be cut into the shape size that can completely cover the scar, then the silicon film is affixed to the scar place, of course, this is not finished, silicon film can be used repeatedly, but need to be taken every day to clean, clean when the use of warm water and not oily detergent, until the natural dry again, in the summer, such as sweating season, to wash several times to ensure efficacy. In addition, the use of a lot of sticky tape can be fixed.

The use of silicon film also need to pay attention to the timing, because the main prevention of scar hyperplasia, can appear in the scar convex and color red when used, for surgical scar, cesarean section scar, burn scar, etc. in the wound healing around one weeks time to use better, before using to determine the wound has been completely healed, and no inflammation. The use of time is also gradual, the beginning of the week One days to use 12 hours, one weeks after the gradual increase between, until the whole day, the recommended time to use in four months to six months.

The scar pastes the silicon film, the initial day pastes eight hours, to wait for the skin slowly adapts, may increase to 12 hours, needs to post 6 months to have the good effect. As for the mechanism of silicon film, Quinn believes that silicone (silicon oil) continues to release the chemical effect, while Swada and son are considered to be hydration (Hydration) and obstruction (Occlusion) physiological effects of scar inhibition effect. PS. The above 1.2 items apply to scar formation not exceeding half a year.

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