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Silica gel products will enter thousands of homes, gradually replace some of the plastic products.
Jan 11, 2018

For silicone industry started relatively late, and popularization of late, before silicone products compared to plastic products is very expensive, with the development of science and technology, for the study of the silica gel also make silicone products becoming democratized, below is the life we deal with the silica gel products.

Frequent cooking enthusiasts know that pressure cooker, rice cooker top sealing ring, we use mobile phone cover, laptop keyboard protection film;
Silicone crisper for bento;
Children drink milk powder;
Baby silicone bib;
Milk bottles and so on are products that are commonly used in your life and are also made of silica gel.

Speaking of other areas, such as visitors to museums to see some of the restored cultural relics;
Most of the cultural relics are made of silica gel, as well as the decoration of the family, beautiful and fashionable arts and crafts, and many colorful lamp ornaments, which have the existence of silica gel products.
In the medical and electronics industries, silicone products are ubiquitous.

Silicone products can be so widely used in the social benefit from the silica gel products with resistance to high temperature, the service life of the plant, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, no deformation, waterproof and moistureproof, etc, more important is the silicone products completely non-toxic environmental protection, can be recycled, so now a lot of plastic products are replaced by a silica gel products, the future believe silicone products market share will gradually catch up with plastic products, more widely applied in people's life, because of the health, environmental protection, practical products has always been a man want to have.

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