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Production process of solid silica gel products.
Jan 12, 2018

Silicone products to distinguish from the state, can be divided into liquid and solid two kinds of silicone products, silicone products both on the production process is very different, the products quality are also different.
Today we just introduced solid silica gel products, know the silicone products of the production is actually copying with mould, and relatively speaking, the stand or fall of mold making will directly affect the product quality, so in the silicone products manufacturer, the main emphasis on the production of mould and mould the stand or fall of material.
If the mold is made of bad steel, it will be produced under high temperature and high pressure, and the mold will oxidize and deform during long working hours, leading to the deformation of the product.
The quality of products produced in the later stage is not guaranteed.
The service life of the die is also shortened.

In the silicone products manufacturer, solid choose dow corning silicone, silicone products raw material itself is a piece of translucent amorphous solid form, through the mixing machine mixing, as far as possible to join glue mixing vulcanizing and color, and then want to come to the color, with thin film tape rolled into the rubber cutting machine.
Every silicone products above weight is relatively stable, so in cutting gum, calculate the weight of the rubber, and then set the glue material through the edge of time, the machine began to work, it is concluded that the weight is almost the same silicone raw materials.
These little pieces of glue are evenly split.

The molds need to be heated to reach 200 degrees before production. If it is at night, the mold will appear to be red.
Mold temperature directly affects the size of the products forming, so we can add a good temperature in the mold, the mold cleaning, with demoulding comprehensive water clean first, followed by the use of rubber into the mold for molding clean.
However, a set of new molds can not be used as a good product before starting production, because the dust on the surface of the mold has been cleaned by the two silicone rubber at high temperature.
If the product is not defective, it can be produced in batches.

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