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A small talk about the demoulding of silica gel products.
Jan 15, 2018

The front-end time has introduced a lot of questions about the production of silica gel products and the process technology. Now, I will share with you some comments on the demodulation in the production process of silica gel products.
What is the most difficult problem of a silicone product in production?
I believe a lot of technicians or operators will say that the product is out of mold.
The silica gel key may not encounter such a problem, the plane of the silica gel products are easy to remove, mainly is the silica gel of the stripping.
Miscellaneous pieces of silicone refers to besides silicone buttons other irregular type of silicone products, is currently in the industry, miscellaneous call it covers a range is too wide, almost a lot of silicone products is called the miscellaneous pieces of silicone.

The company that often makes the silica gel key may not feel the problem of unmold, the silica gel key is the process is more, generally produces the product outside, usually is to want the silk seal to be able to deliver.
Although miscellaneous pieces of silicone is not all need to screen printing, but some miscellaneous demoulding is a silica gel products manufacturers the most headaches, of course, sometimes because the mould was not well done, and there are may be because the technical personnel's improper operation, despite these problems, there is a large part or the miscellaneous pieces of silicone on shape are strange,

Each set of touches is likely to be a new silica gel.
The new production process is different, so many times it is more challenging.
And the silica gel key is so several types, whether technology or technology, are very familiar.
And the silica gel is like exploring the existence of another earth in the universe.
Every planet we meet can be strange, so it is more challenging to make silica gel, and the manufacturer that makes silica gel is the most productive and powerful manufacturer.

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